Sumptuous Cayman Islands Dishes To Choose From

The islands of Cayman are situated in the Caribbean Sea just between Cuba and Honduras. It was colonized by different countries like Jamaica and British and so its cuisines are of strong influence by Jamaican and Britain. Traditional dishes are also served on the island. Below are some of the most popular menus in Cayman Islands.

Traditional Cayman foods

Traditional Cayman foods are mainly consist of fish, seafood, vegetable and spices. Among the top ingredients found in most dishes are mackerel, snapper, tuna, dolphin, and turtle mixed with tomato, onion, and peppers. Locals of Cayman Islands love eating spicy dishes, especially dishes with spicy sauces. Fish is commonly served during lunch and dinner and is usually served grilled, marinated, stewed, or added to salads.

Choose from the different Cayman Islands dishes

One of the popular foods in Cayman Islands is the Caymanian fruit cake. It is consists of fruits soaked in cake wine, butter, cream sherry, and rum. Caymanian fruit cake is famous for both local and foreign travelers. Another popular dessert is the heavy cake, which is made of cassava, yam, coconut milk, and spices. The cake is both sweet and spicy.

The cracked conch is another popular menu on the island. It is made from conch that looks and tastes like breaded veal cutlet. All time favorite of islanders is coconut shrimp turtle steak. This dish is served with mango marmalade. If you are seeking for a healthy meal, then you should try coconut dinner. This dish is made up of salt fish or beef cooked in coconut milk mixed with vegetables, like onions, pumpkins, and peppers. If you are fond of eating chicken, then you will surely love mango chicken. It is consists of mango, chicken, egg, milk, pepper, and garlic.

You should as well try the all time favorite Cayman dishes such as the Cayman Style Fish, Jet Chicken, Turtle Stew, and Fish Rundown. The Cayman Style fish is a fried and breaded fish tossed in tomato sauce mixed with onions and sweet peppers. On the other hand, turtle stew uses the meat of green sea turtle slowly cooked in its liquid. Fish rundown is one of the most sought after dishes. It is consists of breadfruit, snapper, coconut milk, yam, cassava, and dumplings.

Aside from the aforementioned dishes, you can also find other menus such as Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. However, the most dominant foods of all are sea foods, especially the turtle. It is served in different ways and in fact can even be served as raw. In Cayman Islands, beef is considered a luxury food and is mostly served during special occasion like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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