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Sangria Spritzers

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Sangria Spritzers

Stumbling Upon Sangria Serendipity

I have always been a huge fan of sangria. There’s just something about the magical blend of wine, fruit, and liquor that’s simply irresistible. Personally, my preferred style is the classic red wine sangria. But one day, a chance encounter with a friend led me to discover a whole new world of sangria-inspired deliciousness.

It happened when my friend came over and asked if I had ever tried mixing red wine with Fresca. Now, I had never even considered such a combination, but curiosity got the better of me. And let me tell you, that unexpected pairing tasted just like the beloved sangria I knew and loved!

The Fresca Fiasco

Eager to recreate this serendipitous discovery, I headed to the grocery store, fully intent on picking up a bottle of Fresca. But alas, my quest was foiled – I couldn’t find a single can of that fizzy, citrusy delight anywhere. I searched store after store, growing increasingly frustrated, until finally, on my third attempt, I had to admit defeat. Where had all the Fresca gone?

A Sparkling Substitute

Determined not to let this minor setback ruin my sangria dreams, I decided to think outside the box. If Fresca was no longer an option, what other bubbly, fruit-forward mixers could I use? That’s when I spotted a bottle of San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda and had a lightbulb moment.

Slicing up some fresh oranges and pouring in the blood orange soda, I topped it all off with a generous splash of red wine. And just like that, the Red Wine Sangria Spritzer was born – a delightful, refreshing cocktail that captured all the vibrant flavors of traditional sangria, with a sparkling twist.

A Versatile Delight

This sangria spritzer really is such a simple yet satisfying drink to make. It’s the perfect accompaniment for lazy pool days, sunset balcony sessions, or unwinding after a long work week. I like to enjoy it with a side of my husband’s signature Old Fashioned, made with delicious TX Whiskey. Together, these two cocktails make for the ultimate at-home happy hour, transporting us to a cozy, intimate oasis away from the stresses of the day.

Sangria Spritzer Variations

But the fun doesn’t stop there! While the red wine and blood orange soda combination is an absolute winner, this versatile spritzer lends itself to all sorts of creative interpretations. For a lighter, lower-calorie option, you could swap in a crisp white wine and pair it with a citrusy soda like Sprite or 7-Up. Or for a bolder, more tropical twist, try using a Moscato wine and pineapple juice.

The key is to let your taste buds be your guide. Mix and match different wines, sodas, and fresh fruit until you land on the perfect balance of flavors that tickles your fancy. And of course, don’t forget to add a generous splash of liqueur like triple sec or brandy to really take your sangria spritzer to the next level.

A Homemade Haven

Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash or simply looking to unwind at home, these sangria spritzers are sure to delight. And the best part? You can whip them up right in your own kitchen, without the hassle (and expense) of visiting a fancy cocktail lounge.

So why not venture into the world of homemade bartending and unleash your inner mixologist? With a little creativity and a whole lot of refreshment, these sangria spritzers are guaranteed to elevate any occasion. Cheers to sipping, savoring, and soaking up the sun – the perfect way to make the most of those warm, lazy summer days.


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