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Raspberry Almond Scones with Glaze

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Raspberry Almond Scones with Glaze

The Scone Connoisseur’s Dilemma

I must confess, I’ve always been more of a scone person than a donut enthusiast. There’s just something about that perfectly golden, buttery exterior and the soft, flaky interior that speaks to my heart. But as any scone lover knows, finding that elusive “good scone” can be a real challenge. Too often, we’re left with dry, crumbly disappointments that make us wonder if it’s even worth the effort.

Well, my friends, the day has come when I can confidently say I’ve discovered the holy grail of scones – the Raspberry Almond Scone with Glaze. It all started when I was in the mood for a delectable breakfast treat and decided to take matters into my own hands. Or perhaps I tasked my husband, Josh, with the task. To be honest, the details are a bit fuzzy, but one thing I know for sure is that these scones are an absolute delight.

The Berry Thief

You see, my son Caleb is a bit of a berry fanatic. Our fridge is always stocked with an abundance of blueberies, blackberries, and, of course, raspberries. Now, I know what you’re thinking – we must have had to wrestle those precious berries from Caleb’s grasp. Well, let me tell you, we’re not that bold. Instead, we waited patiently for Caleb to take his afternoon nap and then swooped in to filch a few of those ruby-red gems. Don’t worry, he was none the wiser. After all, a scone lover’s gotta do what a scone lover’s gotta do!

With our ill-gotten raspberries in hand, Josh set to work, using Land O’ Lakes Butter and heavy cream to create the most decadent scone dough. He folded in the raspberries and added a generous sprinkling of almond slices to really make these scones sing. I must admit, I don’t recall doing much of the actual prep work, but I sure do remember the heavenly aroma wafting through the kitchen as the scones baked to perfection.

The Glorious Glaze

Once the scones had cooled, it was my turn to take the reins. I whipped up a simple yet divine almond glaze, drizzling it over the top of the scones and adding a few extra almond slices for a touch of elegance. The result? Perfection. These Raspberry Almond Scones are a true breakfast (or anytime) delight, with the tart raspberries perfectly complemented by the nutty almond flavors.

I can’t help but think back to my Aunt Paula’s fried butter scones, which I loved so dearly as a child. While those will always hold a special place in my heart, these Raspberry Almond Scones have managed to steal the show. The moist, fluffy texture and the burst of fruity goodness in every bite make them a true standout. And let’s not forget the glorious glaze – a sweet, almond-y crowning touch that ties the whole thing together.

The Perfect Spring Treat

Whether you’re hosting a special brunch, treating yourself to a leisurely weekend morning, or simply craving a delightful indulgence, these Raspberry Almond Scones are the perfect choice. They’re the ideal spring treat, with their vibrant colors and flavors that just scream “sunshine and warmth.”

And the best part? These scones are incredibly easy to make and can even be prepared in advance. Simply follow the make-ahead instructions, stash the unbaked scones in the freezer, and you’ll have fresh-baked goodness on demand. No more excuses, my friends – it’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate scone experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Home Cooking Rocks and whip up a batch of these Raspberry Almond Scones with Glaze. Your taste buds (and your family) will thank you!


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