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Pies Big and Small: Hand Pies, Tarts, and More

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Pies Big and Small: Hand Pies, Tarts, and More

Ode to the Humble Pie

Oh, the humble pie – a culinary treasure trove that spans the vast expanse of our culinary landscape. From the towering, majestic double-crusted apple pie to the diminutive, delightful hand pie, these pastry delights have the power to transport us to a state of pure blissful indulgence. As a self-proclaimed pie aficionado, I’ve savored my fair share of these flaky, fruity, and savory delights – and I’m here to embark on a mouthwatering journey that will elevate your pie prowess to new heights.

Mastering the Art of Hand Pies

Let’s start our pie-centric adventure with the ever-popular hand pie. These miniature masterpieces are the perfect solution for those of us who crave the satisfying flavors of a full-sized pie, but with the added convenience of a handheld treat. Sally’s Baking Addiction has provided us with a treasure trove of tips and tricks to ensure our hand pie endeavors are a resounding success.

One key element that sets hand pies apart is the higher crust-to-filling ratio. This means we need a sturdy, flavorful crust that can stand up to the task. Sally’s homemade pie crust, made with a blend of butter and shortening, is the perfect foundation for our hand pie creations. With her step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips, even the most novice pie-maker can conquer the art of pie dough.

Home Cooking Rocks is the ultimate destination for all things pie-related, and their hand pie recipes are no exception. From the classic apple hand pies to the tantalizing bourbon peach hand pies from Smitten Kitchen, the possibilities are endless. The key, as Sally advises, is to opt for a 3.5-inch round cutter or a 3×4-inch rectangle shape, ensuring you have ample room to showcase your filling of choice.

Tarts: The Elegant Cousin of the Pie

While hand pies may be the darling of the portable pastry world, let’s not forget their elegant cousin – the tart. These shallow, open-faced beauties offer a canvas for endless flavor combinations and artistic presentations. Brown Eyed Baker showcases the versatility of tarts with their apple hand pie recipe, which can easily be adapted into a stunning apple tart.

The beauty of tarts lies in their ability to showcase the natural sweetness and vibrant colors of fresh fruits. Fresh April Flours tempts us with their apple hand pies, which can be transformed into a stunning rustic apple tart with a simple adjustment in presentation. The key to tart perfection is a buttery, flaky crust that serves as the foundation for your culinary masterpiece.

Savory Delights: Venture Beyond the Sweet

While sweet pies and tarts undoubtedly hold a special place in our hearts, let’s not forget the savory delights that the pie world has to offer. Spoon Fork Bacon has graced us with their chicken pot pie hand pies, proving that the humble pie can be a vehicle for all manner of savory fillings.

These savory hand pies are the perfect solution for a satisfying lunch or a hearty snack. With a flaky crust and a flavor-packed filling, they offer a delightful contrast to the traditional sweet pies we often associate with the pastry world. Experiment with various fillings, from classic chicken pot pie to bold and spicy empanada-inspired creations – the possibilities are truly endless.

Pie-Fection: The Ultimate Baking Challenge

As we’ve discovered, the world of pies, hand pies, and tarts is a veritable cornucopia of culinary delights. Whether you’re drawn to the classic apple pie, the indulgent bourbon peach hand pie, or the savory chicken pot pie hand pie, there’s a pie out there with your name on it.

I encourage you to embark on your own pie-centric adventure, using the wealth of knowledge and inspiration gathered from these top-notch recipe resources. Embrace the art of pie-making, experiment with new flavors and techniques, and revel in the joy of creating these pastry masterpieces. After all, at Home Cooking Rocks, we believe that the true secret to a life well-lived is found in the simple pleasure of a perfectly baked pie.


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