How to Lose Your Sweet Tooth

It’s an age old problem. For those who crave for sweet things to eat it can seem like an addiction. Your sweet tooth usually rears its ugly head when you are on a diet and all things sweet are forbidden – or are they?

Take Control of Your Diet

Instead of letting the latest diet take control of you, turn the tables and take control of your diet. It should be about choices and it is your head that needs to get in control. It doesn’t matter what fad is the latest diet, we all know the truth. Eat less and move more. It’s the only way to lose weight and sustain it. Change your lifestyle.

Don’t Switch Off

It’s all very well saying “eat less, move more”; if it were that easy we’d all be slim! My plump little fingers are bashing away at this keyboard to give you hope. I’m not one of those skinny gurus telling you to eat cabbage and cottage cheese for the rest of your days. I’m with you on this – I know what it’s like – it’s hard.

Get Your Head Around It

Firstly, don’t put yourself on a ‘diet’. Going on a diet implies a beginning and an end – that messes with your head. Make it all about choice. Choice is what separates us from the animals; we can choose the way we want to live. You can choose not to go into the cake shop (you really can) but you will need some guidelines to help you make that choice.

A few tips that may work include:

Use Xylitol gum to help those cravings pass

You’d don’t have to become Alex Ferguson, but next time you get a hunger pang just see if chewing gum helps. Xylitol gum is especially good as the natural sugar alternative it contains has been found to be good for your teeth and there have been a huge number of studies published that show that chewing it helps dramatically cut down on dental problems and can reduce plaque. These benefits have been noted by professionals and many dentists now recommend xylitol gum. So even if chewing xylitol gum doesn’t help beat your cravings it will help your teeth at least – it has to be worth a go.

Move It!

You don’t have to go out and join the local gym (unless you want to – it’s all about choice, right?). You can just increase what you do already. If you already walk to the bus stop, carry on to the next one. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Get a bike – whatever does it for you! Just do a bit more than you did before and keep doing a bit more.

Watch Out For Hidden Calories

Just remember that adding dressing to your salad can be very risky. A lot are packed with calories and you could have had fish and chips instead. The same goes for popping the mints – just lumps of sugar, choose a sugar free alternative like Xylitol gum.

Don’t forget, it’s all about choices. Choose to take control, choose to drink more water and choose to move more. Choose a diet-free life.Please note: this article has not been written by a nutritionist or dietician.