Choosing a Catering Option for your Derbyshire Event

Selecting the best catering option is one of the most important considerations when planning your event. You need to consider several factors including the type of event, number of people attending, the available space for food service, your budget, and numerous other details. This may seem like a daunting task, especially with all the catering choices available in Derbyshire, but with our guide, you’ll be able to decide which choice is best for your event.

Venues with Catering

One popular event option is to choose a venue that offers catering. This all-inclusive option can be customized to smaller, more intimate parties or large groups with over 100 attendees. Derbyshire is home to a wide range of venues that offer catering services. Several hotels and inns are available ranging from modern styles to traditional luxury and even more business-focused options. Conference centers and event spaces with in-house caterers are also available specializing in celebrations, events, and weddings. With in-house catering, an executive chef can assist you in customizing one of their regular menus or curating something special for your celebration. Most locations offer menu choices including canapés, main courses, and desserts for your occasion.

Catering Companies

Working with a catering company is another option. Keep in mind if your venue offers catering you may be prohibited from using a different caterer. Many highly-rated catering companies are located in Derbyshire and specialize in all manner of catered events. They offer services for everything from your casual, outdoor event to formal dining and weddings. Most catering companies can include all the necessary servicing and cooking equipment for an additional fee. Catering menus include canapé options, traditional & themed buffets, and even barbecue menus cooked over real charcoal. Some chefs focus on locally curated items and menus that showcase Derbyshire’s beautiful local produce. Hog roasts are another popular option offering a novel way to feed a larger crowd.

Casual Self-Catering Choices

Pizza – Fun and easy to eat, customizable for different tastes, and a great choice for a low-effort way to feed a large number of people, pizza caterings are excellent choice for your casual event. You can either hire pizza caterers in the Derby area or failing that Derbyshire is home to numerous pizza places that can deliver to your party. Choose from chain selections, local choices, or one of Derbyshire’s many Italian restaurants.

Casual Dining & Delivery – For smaller, causal events selecting a restaurant that offers a delivery service is another great self-catering alternative. Simply choose your favorite local restaurant or Google the type of food you’re looking for and place an order. Many restaurants in Derbyshire offer delivery so you’re sure to find something that complements your event and your budget.