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Cakes for Kids: Fun Shapes, Colorful Frosting, and Sprinkles

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Cakes for Kids: Fun Shapes, Colorful Frosting, and Sprinkles

A Colorful, Sprinkle-Filled Celebration

Hooray for sprinkles! Get the party started with this fun and colorful rainbow sprinkle cake. White sour cream cake layers hold a flurry of funfetti inside. I’m writing you from my happy place, which is in front of a big slice of cake that is filled with sprinkles inside and out. You probably already know this isn’t my first foray into sprinkle cake territory. In fact, I kind of consider myself a sprinkle cake veteran.

Many years ago, on the first blog birthday of Sprinkle Bakes, I made what I often refer to as the original Sprinkle Cake. It’s a great little recipe, and I’ve made it countless times throughout the years. But I love this one just as much! It has the tang of sour cream, and a thick batter that suspends a whole galaxy of rainbow sprinkles inside. It’s like that old Girl Scout song “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” That sort of thing. Only with cake.

You may remember the Oreo Cake I recently made. I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of that cake. It did a good job of holding all those cookie pieces inside, and I just knew it would make a really great rainbow sprinkle cake. I’m happy to report that things went just as expected! The pale sour cream batter really shows off all those rainbow sprinkle colors. And the thick, fluffy batter suspends them throughout so they evenly speckle the interior. I’m in love!

The Perfect Sprinkle Cake Ingredients

Regular old ice cream sprinkles (called ‘jimmies’) are perfect for baking in cake layers. They’re often used as an ice cream topping because they won’t melt away easily with moisture. You can find them with the ice cream toppings at your local grocery store, or in the baking section.

White Cake Flavoring is something I use when I want that old school bakery flavor. It gives the cake a rich vanilla flavor with something else that lingers in the background. The flavor reminds me of wedding cake, without as much overt almond flavor. Bakto makes a natural white cake flavor that I use often, and it’s great in this cake. If you don’t have room in your cabinet for another extract, just use pure vanilla extract mixed with just a smidge of almond extract.

This cake is stacked and frosted with white vanilla American buttercream frosting, which is an easy frosting recipe for bakers of every skill set. A classic! I used my own sprinkle mix for the outside of the cake. It’s a mixture of rainbow sprinkles, mixed with rainbow confetti, rainbow nonpareils, and sugar pearls. My advice is to stir up a combination of shapes and colors that make you happy. However, you can simply use the rainbow jimmies instead of a sprinkle mix.

Decorating the Sprinkle Cake

Apply the sprinkles to the sides of the cake by pressing handfuls of sprinkles onto the sides. Use a baking sheet underneath to catch the excess. I find it easiest to press a handful at the base of the cake and slide my hand up the side of the cake. The tacky frosting will latch on to the sprinkles as you travel upward. Pipe swirls of frosting, spaced about 2.5 inches apart, on the top edge of the cake. Then, toss on a few more sprinkles.

I wanted something fun for a cake topper, and just as eye-catching as the allsorts I used on my original sprinkle cake. My local grocery store had ‘gourmet lollipops’ at the checkout counter and I couldn’t resist them! Fun flavors like piña colada, cotton candy, blueberries and cream, blackberry, and candy apple made this cake extra special. I placed them on top of the cake beside swirls of frosting, with their sticks pointing, and meeting at, the center of the cake. If you go this route, then plan to buy a few extra lollipops to serve on the side. Not everyone will get a lollipop with their slice, and it’s best to have enough for every guest.

How cute is the ‘HOORAY’ cake topper? I’ve had it for ages. I just needed the right cake with the right vibe to show off all those glittery letters. This rainbow sprinkle cake is its perfect match! It’s a Kate Aspen product that seems to be discontinued, but here’s a similar one that I think is even cuter!

The Cakesplosion

This colorful confection makes a great birthday cake – just add candles! The crumb is sturdy yet moist thanks to the sour cream in the batter. Serve this cake at room temperature, because the flavors and textures will be at their best! It’s my birthday week and this cake is perfect for a birthday celebration.

Whether you’re baking for a kid’s birthday party, a gender reveal, or just because you feel like celebrating, this sprinkle-filled cake is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. With its fun shapes, vibrant colors, and irresistible toppings, it’s a true cakesplosion of joy. So, let’s get baking and bring some sprinkle-tastic magic into the world!


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