Building the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

There’s exactly one secret to making a delectable, mind-blowing ice cream sundae according to Gelato Products: you must let your imagination run wild. It’s easy to take some random ice cream and squeeze on some chocolate sauce —and it’ll taste good—but where’s the fun in that? Instead, push the sundae envelope, beginning with the dish:

The Dish

Admittedly, unless you plan on making an edible dish (try making one out of cookie or brownie dough), the dish is for looks only, but it’s still important. Find a set of colorful vintage dishes at the thrift store or some cool bowls at a place that sells ice cream shop supplies. The more eye-catching, the better!

The Ice Cream

Some people say the best flavor to put in your ice cream cups is a simple, high-quality vanilla that lets the flavor of the toppings stand out. But vanilla is, well, vanilla. Try some unusual flavors for your sundae base. Some of the hot flavors now are lemon cake, green tea and maple bacon. Yum!

The Sauce

The sauce is of vital importance. Choose one that will complement your ice cream. Caramel sauces go great with nutty flavors, and fruity sauces are delicious on chocolate. It’s best to experiment with different combinations ahead of time. Call up some friends and have a tasting party!

The Toppings

This is the crowning glory of your sundae. Don’t hold back! Try coconut, sunflower seeds, chocolate-covered espresso beans, crumbled cookies, granola… anything with an interesting texture and a zing of flavor. Voila! Get some gelato cups and spoons and enjoy!