Nutrition For Women In this Hectic World

Women are far busier nowadays. Work and family life is taking a toll on them like never before. Good nutrition is what keeps us active and energetic every day. This helps us to increase our productivity and efficiency that proves to be a very qualitative day. The hassles they have to undergo every day. The mounting stress levels are killing their peace of mind. The stress and strain accumulates as the days pass and become humongous. This has a huge negative impact on their health that can be very detrimental for them.

The Present Scenario

The fast moving world has indeed caused problems for women of which iron deficiency anemia is very common these days. Though women are actively involved in preparing food and nourishing the family, nothing guarantees complete nutrition for them. Their hardships do not provide them the required macronutrients and micronutrients that are recommended for proper health.

Body Demands And Nutrition

Furthermore, the physiological responsibilities of bearing and nursing a baby, regular menstrual cycles are also to be taken into concentration. All these functions are efficiently performed only when the lady is equipped with all the essential vital nutrients. It is found in the developing countries that women are undernourished and deficient in iodine, vitamins and lack of energy. In case the women are not loaded with right amounts iron and micronutrients, she is at an increased risk of infections. Women need the nutritional supplements in right amount during pregnancy will keep her strong physically and keeps the immune system strong. This way she is able to carry the baby till maturity and deliver successfully. The women are more capable to survive the bleeding during and after childbirth thus reducing the fatalities of women and the baby during parturition.

Menopause is another stage of women’s life. Menopause is marked by reduced bone density and strength. Women are at high risk of osteoporosis. Thus, the need for calcium and vitamin D is greater for women in this phase. Poverty: In economically compromised families, women are forced to play role of earning and mothering. This not only affects the health of the women but the child as well. Therefore, the society should be made aware about the empowering women and stop the neglect offered by the society. The inexorable life cycle of a lady certainly puts her into enormous risk that can affect her badly. Thus it is important to concentrate on the right nutrition she deserves to get. Therefore, there have been several developmental policies dedicated to uplift the rights of women. There have to right initiatives taken to program the nutrition for women’s health that caters to her needs as an employee and a mother. Doctors recommend iron rich diet such as beans, nuts, shellfish, meat and cereals in regular diet. Studies report women suffering from protein energy malnutrition and anemia. So a protein rich diet should be a part of daily nutritional intake. Berry plants aim to provide the traditionally considered deficiencies in the nutrition. However, scientifically, using it as a supplement is acknowledged.

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