Low-Cost Homemade Meals

Whether you are cooking for yourself or a group, cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And I know what you’re thinking, packaged ramen? If times are that tough and you need a little help, an unsecured personal loan can be just what you need in a pinch. These are quick and easy meals that are packed with delicious ingredients for you to enjoy.

Bright Start to Your Morning

What to eat in the morning can vary from a simple bowl or cereal to a hearty breakfast of steak and eggs. The first meal falls somewhere in between and it’s easy to make. Think quiche. It’s a delectable combination of creamy goodness with eggs and any of your favorite ingredients. Set up the base of cream, milk and eggs and then toss in veggies, herbs and left over bacon (is that a real thing?) and bake. Soon you will have a tasty meal suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While we’re on the subject of breakfast, who doesn’t like pancakes? Make your own at home wtih this fluffy pancakes and flat bread recipe to get you started. Easy to prepare, delicious and filling, all good things.

Move Over Morning, It’s Time for Lunch

Finally the time has come for lunch. Good thing too, there are some awesome options. First off let’s talk stuffed peppers. Again, a very customizable meal which can be fully vegetarian or meat can be a tag team partner. While shopping at the market, choose peppers that are large enough to accommodate your filling options. You can use brown rice, quinoa, beans, cheese, ground beef, turkey or chicken and stuff. Bake them off and enjoy. Need something with a touch of spice? How about a coconut curry recipe? You can even serve it over steaming hot rice for a tasty meal on the cheap.

Dinner Time

If you’re feeling like a Mexican-inspired dish, look no further than roasted squash, corn and black bean enchiladas. Inexpensive kitchen staples come together to create a wonderfully flavored meal that can be spiced to your desired level. Another low-cost dinner option is chili. Toss in some cooked ground meat, veggies, beans (you don’t have to), top with herbs, sour cream, cheese and boom! You have a heart warming meal with tons of flavor.

If you want something that looks fancy but is cost-effective to make for a group of people, go with a lemon chicken and pasta dish. Bring a little fresh spinach or kale to the party and you’ll really have something delicious and nutritious. Or, you can try stuffing a spaghetti squash with diced tomato, onion and garlic, spicy sausage and top it with cheese. It’s a visually appealing meal with healthy ingredients to fill your belly.

So don’t fret, cooking at home can be easy and cheap. Just think outside the pizza box and create something with wholesome ingredients you like to eat. Doing this can lead to wonderful results, which will further encourage you to cook at home.

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