Large Scale Catering; Three Key Ways to Ensure Success

Catering for large numbers of people is no easy task, whether it is as an outside events company or within a large social facility, such as a hotel or conference centre. There are, however, numerous ways to make the task easier and ensure an excellent level of quality and service for your guests.

Handling any event with a sizeable guest list is naturally daunting; the more people there are to please, the more challenging the organisation and execution will be. However, there are also ways to minimise the risks and difficulties involved, ensure that you are able to work efficiently and effectively and that all your guests are satisfied and will recommend you as widely as possible. This is as true in an established restaurant as it is in a hotel that may have an irregular schedule of large-scale special events. Below are three tips to best improve your chances of success.

1. Good Food

Food should always be the central focus of any catering company and also of each and every event that they handle. It is this that will most clearly mark the distinction between good and bad and it is also the aspect that your guests will remember most clearly as the event fades into the past. Consequently, make sure your food suppliers are reliable, have high standards and that your chefs and kitchen staff are well-trained, understand what is expected of them and know how to use the ingredients provide to create the dishes asked for. Catering equipment suppliers, such as Next Day Catering, can provide advice on this.

2. Proper Equipment

catering equipment

The ingredients are truly the raw materials in any catering situation but they cannot be made into a presentable dish, no matter how talented the chef, without the proper equipment. Understandably, if you don’t handle large events on a regular basis, the equipment available may not be entirely suitable. However, it is very easy to rent exactly what you need from specialised catering equipment suppliers, such as Next Day Catering. The necessary utensils and appliances can be delivered to your premises, used as you see fit and conveniently returned when all is done and dusted.

3. Sublime Service

Once the food has been crafted by expert chefs, from the highest-quality ingredients, using the tools for the best catering equipment suppliers (like Next day Catering), it needs to be presented to your guests and clients in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. This is the duty of your waiting and front-of-house staff, so it is important that they are as good at performing their roles as your chefs and kitchen workers are. They should be unfalteringly courteous to your diners and able to handle any foreseeable situations with ease and confidence.

In short, catering for large numbers of people and maintaining a high standard throughout needn’t be especially difficult. Following the three tips above and using Next day Catering, or similar catering equipment suppliers, will help you to overcome the most obvious hurdles that will arise.


Martin George writes regularly on catering for a number of food and drink websites and blogs, such as Next Day Catering. He was worked as a wedding planner and in the hotel industry for a significant number of years.

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