British Summer Weight Gain Down to Barbeques

Research performed by UK based money saving website has demonstrated that two thirds of Britons notice excessive weight gain during the summer months. Indeed, their gain is above and beyond that experienced during the Christmas and New Year period. It is believed this is due to the fact that people consume far more calories during barbeques in the summer.

A UK based money saving website has recently completed a piece of research into the health and nutrition habits of people in the United Kingdom. It was found that 67% of people in the country notice the largest increase in weight gain during the summer months, above and beyond that was is experienced over Christmas and New Year, which is when people assume they put weight on. The study also revealed that a barbeque meal was usually around 1,000 calories more than any other regular meal.

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Vouchercodespro.co.uk performed the research. To receive accurate results, they surveyed 2,196 people, all above the age of 18 from all over the country. The goal was to identify eating habits, as well as determining how this relates to overall health.

People were first asked whether they put more weight on during specific times of year. Researchers had assumed that those who answered yes would say it was during the Christmas and New Year period. In reality, however, 67% said it was between June and September, which are the warmer, summer months.

People were then asked whether they were able to identify the cause of their weight gain. Two main statistics came out of this question, being:

  • 58% felt it was related to having frequent barbeques, where they would overeat.

  • 34% felt it was in relation to excessive alcohol (particularly cocktails and ciders) consumption.

Voucher Codes Pro then looked into the change of eating habits people experienced during the summer months. People were asked to estimate how many calories they consumed during an average, normal meal, which was 650 calories. They were then asked to estimate how many calories they consumed during a barbeque, which was 1,775, more than 1,000 calories above the average meal.

This question then led to finding out what people would usually eat during a barbeque. Respondents were presented with a list of popular options from which they could choose their preferred dishes. It was found that 63% of people consumed hot dogs, 59% of people consumed cheeseburgers, 54% of people consumed chicken wings, 48% of people consumed crisps and dips and 44% of people consumed kebabs. What these statistics also show is that the majority of people would eat more than one dish at a barbeque. It also suggests that healthy eating and getting their five a day is not on the top of the agenda during barbeques. Indeed, while people could choose from options such as baked potatoes, corn on the cob and salads, they did not make it in the top 5 of foods consumed during a barbeque.

One of Voucher Codes Pro leading researchers, Nick Swan, responded to the findings of the survey by stating that:

“I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a good barbecue. From hot dogs to cheeseburgers, traditional BBQ cuisine is one of the UK’s favourite summertime treats – and who can blame us!”

He also wanted to mention that:

It is important, however, to ensure that you exercise regularly and keep yourself active to avoid putting on extra weight during summer. BBQ foods aren’t exactly the healthiest, so people need to make sure that they keep themselves fit and have some salad on their plate along with all the burgers and sausages!”