Behind the Scenes of a Chinese Take Away

As a general rule when thumbing through take away menus on a Saturday night, we the public don’t really think much about what goes on in the restaurant kitchen. But for professional chef consultant Jeremy Pang, every detail was considered whilst helping Chinese take-away restaurant Zing Zing open it’s doors on Blackstock Rd just a month ago. Jeremy spent six months menu planning to include a variety textures and flavours, running chefs courses for staff in order to execute the proper preparation, and selecting dishes and packaging that will help the dish to hold up on taste and texture even after 40 minutes on the back of a motorbike for delivery.


Jeremy also co-owner of School of Wok, a specialist Asian cookery school in Covent Garden, gave some insight into behind the scenes work that went on,

“The hardest part of Chinese food is the preparation – once everything is chopped up, marinated, sliced and diced, the cooking is incredibly quick. So the key factor for any Chinese takeaway is understanding how to prep everything in the right way to be able to cook up quickly.”

Jeremy and Zing Zing have worked together to delivery a higher standard of Chinese takeaway using fresh ingredients and no MSG, in hopes of raising the bar. To put it simply Jeremy says,

“Gloopy sauces filled with excessive amounts of cornflour are my worst nightmare.”

“From my point of view there has been a huge problem with Chinese takeaways for years. The main problem being that a lot of the owners have looked to take shortcuts and cut corners in terms of quality of ingredients. The UK has some great produce, however, somehow the Chinese takeaway world has a culture of finding the cheapest possible ingredients and throwing them into a wok. That to me is the biggest mistake.”

Zing Zing welcomes everyone to put their food to the test, letting them know if you can taste the difference .If you can see yourself behind the wok of your own take away why not train up with Jeremy at one of School of Wok’s profession chef courses? Visit the School of Wok website for more details.


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