Aprons – practical and of great quality

It is probably the most understated work attire ever. It is hardly very pretty – but oh my, it is unbelievably practical and irreplaceable. It is, of course, the apron that is talked about. It is a true lifesaver or should we say clothes saver no matter whether you are a waiter, bartender, chef, barista you name it. It comes in handy all the time. It protects the rest of your work attire from filth, food splashes and beer stains. However, for an apron to be all those things, it has to be of good quality. At Kentaur.com you can find a wide selection of practical and nice aprons for every occasion. The aprons have a wonderful understated Scandinavian look, making them perfect for use in restaurants and fine dining establishments.

Aprons – A statement and reflection of your business

Kentaur aprons are made in a super durable fabric making them good at withstanding almost anything thrown at them ensuring they look good at all times – even after countless numbers of washes. You can find the aprons in a wide variety of sizes and colours. They have adjustable straps, which makes them perfect for everyone. They also have adjustable neck straps as they have a bib protecting the torso from being exposed to straying food stains. It is also possible to get the wonderful aprons with practical pockets perfect for keeping wine openers and alike ready for later use.


The aprons from Kentaur are more than just aprons. They are a statement and reflection of your business. The style of the aprons can underline the style of your establishment whether a bistro or a French restaurant. Let your aprons become a true statement serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. When purchasing aprons make sure to purchase enough so that your staff always looks presentable and does not have to show up in aprons with old dried in stains. You can see the whole selection of the cool durable aprons from Kentaur by clicking on the following link https://www.kentaur.com/int/c/chef-aprons. Spice up your restaurant and invest in some new and fabulous aprons – you will not regret it.

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